Discussing Parametric Design with Shajay Bhooshan of Zaha Hadid Architects

May 10, 2017
Aarni Heiskanen - AEC Business

obotics, 3D printing, and digital fabrication—these evolving technologies are changing how we design and construct. Looking into the future can surprisingly cause us to rediscover history, as I learned when discussing parametric design with Shajay Bhooshan.

During the AEC Hackathon Munich in April 2017, I became acquainted with Shajay Bhooshan, associate at Zaha Hadid Architects. Shajay showed me designs that were intriguingly reminiscent of natural forms but completely modern in expression. He explained how these lightweight structures had been digitally designed and constructed with minimal use of material. One of the examples he shared was a large shell structure that consisted of aluminium elements that could be assembled and dismantled easily.

Mr. Heiskanen may be contacted at info@aepartners.fi


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