Spreading Cracks On FIU Bridge Failed to Alarm Project Team

Bridge with cars in traffic

Meeting attendees at contractor's office offered modest suggestions and questions to FIGG Bridge Engineers hours prior to collapse.

May 20, 2019
Scott Judy & Richard Korman - Engineering News-Record

On the morning of last year’s Florida International University pedestrian bridge collapse, when the engineer of record assured project team members that there were no safety risks related to cracks propagating across a part of the unusual single-truss structure, other project team members voiced mild concern, but no alarm. In hindsight, considering that the bridge had no inherent structural redundancy as it sat, incomplete, straddling a busy highway—and would suffer a sudden, catastrophic and deadly collapse just hours later—the team’s lack of urgency remains puzzling, say engineering experts contacted by ENR for comment.

Reprinted courtesy of Scott Judy, ENR and Richard Korman, ENR
Mr. Judy may be contacted at mailto:judys@enr.com
Mr. Korman may be contacted at kormanr@enr.com


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