Non-Concurrency Between Ceding Companies and Their Reinsurers for Communicable Disease Exclusions: The Next COVID-19 Shoe to Drop

August 31, 2020
Justin K. Fortescue - White and Williams

As COVID-19 continues to change our everyday way of life, its impact on the insurance/reinsurance industry also continues to develop. The reinsurance renewal process that many insurance companies recently went through exposes yet another impending issue the insurance industry will need to confront – non-concurrency between the coverage afforded by newly issued insurance policies and the reinsurance contracts protecting them.

The American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) recently released a white paper that revealed that state regulators are often rejecting or delaying the approval of communicable disease exclusions while, at the same time, reinsurers are insisting that such exclusions are to be included in their reinsurance contracts.[1] Willis Re likewise issued a comprehensive report on the impact of COVID-19 that detailed the ways in which many reinsurers sought to add communicable disease exclusions to their reinsurance contracts, particularly where the underlying policy did not contain such an exclusion.[2] This potential non-concurrency in coverage could have far-reaching consequences on the insurance industry.

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