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This Invention May Change the World of Renewable Energy

Innovative Techs video explains how the proving grounds for the most exotic and complex projects are remote regions, whose residents regularly face the problem of a stable electricity supply.

$1 Billion The Grand Towers Downtown LA Construction Update

John Kay showcases the $1 billion mixed-use 39-story and 20-story towers designed by Frank Gehry.

Tesla Solar Roof - Expensive Fad or the Future?

According to Two Bit da Vinci, the Tesla Glass Roof has the potential to be the future of what all homes should look like, where solar energy generation is as central to a home, as water and sewer lines.

Wave Power Could Be Energy's Next Big Leap

According to Bloomberg Quicktake, searching for ways to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, engineers and entrepreneurs are looking to a largely untapped potential source of renewable energy: wave power.

Frank Lloyd Wright: The Lost Works – The Imperial Hotel

Frank Lloyd Wright: The Lost Works explores some of Wright's most important demolished and unrealized structures, presented by the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust.

AEC Techtv Episode 16: Investment in Construction Software is Booming

Construction was once the least digitized industry across most economies. Now, according to McKinsey, investment in construction software businesses is booming.

The Expanding Use of Catastrophe Models

Catastrophe models are not just for hurricanes. They are also not just for insurance carriers. Ming Lee, president and CEO of catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide, discusses how insurance brokers and governments are increasingly using cat models and how cat models are expanding into other risks and expanding geographically.


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