New Trouble With San Francisco's Millennium Tower

NBC Bay Area reports there’s new, big trouble with San Francisco’s infamous Millennium Tower.

OIG On Hard Rock Collapse

WDSU News reports that criminal charges are recommended against two more city employees.

U.S. Still Reeling from Hurricane Ida's Impact

Elise Preston of CBS Evening News reports at least 63 people have died and total damage is estimated at $95 billion.

Round Hurricane Houses Are Designed to Withstand 190 MPH Winds

Inside Edition reports Deltec Homes, the company that designed Bonnie’s hurricane-proof home, says they are built to be twice as strong as the typical house, and are aerodynamically shaped.

Estimated $40 Billion In Damages from Hurricane Ida

Shepard Smith joins the Halftime Report (CNBC Television) with information about the search and rescue efforts in Mississippi and Louisiana following Hurricane Ida.

Surfside Condo Collapse: What We Know So Far

Practical Engineering summarizes the events of this unthinkable tragedy, a few of the structural engineering issues that may have played a part, and finally the process of forensic structural investigations.

High Surf Battering Much Of Southern California Coastlines

Rick Montanez for CBS Los Angeles reports from Malibu where higher than usual tides and surf roll into Southern California beaches, eroding some roads and creating dangerous rip currents.

The Fuggerei: Why You Can Live In One Of These Idyllic Medieval Houses – For Just 88 Cents

According to DW Euromaxx, the Fuggerei is the world’s oldest social housing project. It’s been part of the city of Augsburg, in southern Germany, for 500 years now.

Showcasing The Evolution Of The Home

CBS Sunday Morning reports London's Museum of the Home traces the evolution of domestic spaces from the 1600s (when "work at home" was remarkably common) to the technological advancements of contemporary abodes.


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